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About Us

It begins and ends with care

You care about your family and you’re devoted to making sure that it gets the best. At Family Chef, we’re committed to producing the finest pork in Australia for you. And we do that by caring for the land and for the pigs we grow – right from the moment they enter the world.

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You can count on us

The best quality will provide the best taste. Our range of cuts are selected to help you create a perfect meal every time you get together. From the classic pork roast for the whole clan, to a barbeque of succulent steaks and sausages for friends, or that moment when just the two of you get together at the end of a busy week; Family Chef has just the right cut of beautiful Australian pork.

Enjoy our pork

By caring about what we do, we’d like to think we are showing care for you too. Let us at Family Chef surprise you with succulent tasty homegrown aussie pork that is convenient, affordable, simple and fun to prepare.

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