Healthy, tasty, easy peasy.



    1 packet BBQ pork ribs
     1 large Sweet Potato – Peeled and cut into chips or wedges
    1 tsp Paprika
    4-6 small Corn on the Cob
    ½ C water
    3 tbsp. Butter (softened)
    1 large Red Chilli, seeds removed, finely diced
    1 Lime, zest and juice
    1 tbsp. Freshly Chopped Parsley
    1 tub Creamy Coleslaw


    1.    Pre heat oven to 180 C. (Fan forced oven)
    2.    Drizzle sweet potato with olive oil and season with salt, pepper and paprika and place into oven. Bake for 30 -40 minutes depending on thickness, turning after 20 minutes.
    3.    For the chilli butter, mix butter, chilli, lime and parsley, season with salt and pepper. Set aside and allow flavours to infuse.
    4.    Heat pork ribs according to packet instructions (15 minutes in oven or 5 minutes in microwave).
    5.    In a griddle pan, char the corn in 4 parts. Add ½ C of water and cover with a lid to steam for an extra 5 minutes.
    6.    Serve ribs with the charred corn smeared with chilli butter, creamy coleslaw and sweet potato chips.

    Cooking Time: <1 hr
    Dish Type: BBQ or Grill
    Occasion: Casual,Entertaining,Sunday Lunch
    Special Diets: None
    Cuisine: Traditional
    Kids Friendly: Probably not