Healthy, tasty, easy peasy.


    Slices of bacon, chopped
    2 cups Caesar salad croutons
    2 cos lettuce
    4 eggs, hard boiled
    ½ cup grated Parmesan cheese
    6–8 anchovy fillets
    2/3 cup prepared Caesar dressing or vinaigrette
    or juice of 1 lemon,
    1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
    Cut cos lettuce into pieces, wash well in cold water and refrigerate. Cut cold eggs into quarters.

    To serve, pan fry bacon with a little olive oil until golden brown. Lightly mix together crisp lettuce, croutons, chopped hard boiled eggs, parmesan cheese, anchovies, bacon and favourite dressing.

    Cooking Time: <15 mins
    Dish Type: Salad
    Occasion: Casual
    Special Diets: None
    Cuisine: Modern
    Kids Friendly: Probably not